How Much Space Do I Need?

How much space do I need?

Not as much as you think. When you are first signing on with a host like Zettabyte Systems, you should first ask yourself a few questions about what kind of site you want.

Here you can have a look at our offerings:

Zettabyte offers three tiers of hosting: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you’re reading this blog it’s likely that you are a beginner to the concept of having a site to call your own, so it’s likely that you will be just fine with Silver hosting.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 500 MB doesn’t sound like a lot of storage space. Two or Three HD video blogs will easily fill that space. But here’s the trick, you don’t have to host your videos on your site. You can use a hotlink.

A hot link is the action of taking a video that you may have uploaded to a separate video site such as Youtube or Facebook and embedding it in your site. Take for example this video from youtube.

Since this video is being linked from Youtube it will not count towards your 500 megabyte storage quota. In fact the only things that usually count towards this are the background graphics and text of your site. You can use the same background files on multiple pages, and 500 megabytes will cover a lot of text (over 30,000 pages).

If you want to link to a photo the process is the same. There are a variety of photo hosting websites out there, but the most popular ones are and It’s also possible to host photos from facebook, or practically any other site.

However, you should always keep in mind that you will less control over photos and videos that are hosted outside of your own account. If the hosting company decides to clear out old data you may find that old pages of your site may be missing their pictures and videos over time. Some companies go out of business and it’s impossible to recover what you had stored on their server. Because of this it’s probably a good idea to keep personal backups on your own computer of everything that you intend to be visible on your site.

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